Israel Advocacy

Israel Advocacy mission is to positively influence discourse, attitudes, and engagement regarding Israel on U.S. college campuses and in the greater Phoenix community. Through Israel advocacy we develop comprehensive follow-up with trip alumni through the design and execution of post-trip communications and programs, supports Israel Advocacy efforts overall by helping run events, assisting in financial management, and cultivating positive relationships with faculty and business leaders.


  • Track recruitment and relationship development following study tours and missions
  • Draft and execute plans for follow-up and post-mission engagement efforts
  • Facilitate and monitor compliance with post-mission engagement plans
  • Meet and/or confer with participants after the trip to explore how best to sustain their connections with Israel
  • Help to design “speaking tours” and other opportunities to deploy Israelis in universities, business forums and other appropriate venues
  • Design and execute special reunion events, seminars, and other engagement tools
  • Develop a newsletter and communications strategy, regular emails and other engagement tools to maintain and deepen participants’ connection to Israel
  • Maintain relationships with Israeli speakers and other partners, to identify and seize opportunities for deeper engagement