Community Funding


The Federation serves as a resource to the community by maximizing the impact of the dollars raised to fund organizations and programs that make a difference in people's lives every day. The Federation raises funds through the Annual Campaign for Jewish Needs which focuses on funding programs and organizations that:

Care for people in need; or sustain and enhance Jewish life and identity in Greater Phoenix, Israel and in over 70 countries around the world.

We recognize that only through collaborative efforts with funding partners can we truly fulfill our mission and ensure long-term viability of our community. Success depends on providing services that strengthen our community and focus on one or both of the funding goals with a specific emphasis on the funding priorities detailed below.


The Federation has established two funding goals as well as clear funding priorities to support those goals these criteria are used to evaluate our organizational partners.


Organizational Funding


Funding Goal 1: Caring for people in need

Funding Priorities


  • Provide safety net services to improve the quality of life of vulnerable populations in Greater Phoenix with an emphasis on the elderly, disabled and poor.
  • Make a difference in the lives of those living in Israel through services which seek to make a difference in an individual’s life trajectory.
  • Aid Jewish people in need throughout the world who lack safety net services and rely on the world Jewish community to meet their basic needs.


Funding Goal 2: Sustaining and enhancing Jewish life and identity

Funding Priorities


  • Promote formal, informal and experiential learning opportunities that enrich the Jewish identity of Jews in Greater Phoenix.
  • Enhance Jewish life in Greater Phoenix by expanding the depth of Jewish programming to provide more collective Jewish experiences and encourage more Jews to choose to be “intentionally Jewish”.
  • Utilize Israel as a positive source of Jewish identity building for the Phoenix Jewish community and build stronger people to people connections between Israel and Phoenix.
  • Promote Jewish identity building for “at risk” Jewish communities outside of the US and Israel.


Program Funding


Planning Focus Areas



Please check back in mid-October for information about how to apply for funding through the 2016 Funding Process.


2016 Federation Funding Allocations


Federation Funding Model

Community volunteers and professional staff allocate funds through a thoughtful process that emphasizes due diligence, evaluates the use of funds and requires measurable results to best meet the needs of the community, our donors, volunteers and the organizations we fund. The Community Planning Commission (CPC) and Funding Councils are integral in the process. The CPC and Councils are made up of community volunteers with varied backgrounds, expertise and interests and make funding recommendations within the Federation’s funding partnership framework.


The Federation has four classifications of funding partners: Core Impact, International, Organizational and School Partners. Each is critical for the Federation to make a strong impact and support the variety of services necessary to create a vibrant and responsive community.


Organizational Partners (Formerly Strategic Partners)

Organizational Partners are agencies that the Federation funds annually based on the totality of their programs and services. They offer a significant number of programs and services that are critical to our communal wellbeing. Through its funding, the Federation gives Organizational Partners the flexibility to use funding as necessary to respond to crises, expand programs, evaluate services, leverage funding and improve program quality. We believe this flexibility encourages innovation and ultimately enables Organizational Partners to have a greater impact on our community. All Organizational Partners go through an in-depth evaluation every three to five years to ensure they are meeting the Federation’s Organizational Partner criteria.


Core Impact Partners

Core Impact Partners receive funding for specific programs. Any Jewish community organization (501c3), with a governing board of directors, a board approved budget and a program that meets funding criteria can apply. Programs must fit one of Federation’s funding priorities which include Seniors, Now Generation and Israel Advocacy.


School Partners

Our School Partners are seven full-time K-12 Jewish day schools in the Phoenix metropolitan area and are recognized by the Jewish Tuition Organization. Each School Partner receives funding based on the total dollars allocated for School Partner Funding divided among the partners based on the number of students enrolled as of October 15 of the school year.


International Partners

The Israel and Overseas Funding Council funds the projects and services that our International Partners offer to Jews in Israel and in more than 70 countries throughout the world. The Council evaluates partner programs and the impact of Federation dollars on our partners’ ability to meet on-going and developing needs in a meaningful way.