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Working Poor Tax Credit

Jewish poverty - it's often hidden from view but it exists in our community and is growing in these tough economic times.  In today's economy, we are now seeing many who were once middle class become the working poor.  Few imagined they would be in this situation.

Thanks to the Arizona Working Poor Tax Credit, you can now help those who need it most, at no cost to you.  By taking advantage of the Arizona Working Poor Tax Credit, Arizona law allows taxpayers to redirect some of their state taxes to help the poorest among us.

Every Arizona taxpayer who itemizes deductions can participate.  Under the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit Law (ARS 43-1088), couples may donate up to $400/$200, single.  You will then receive a dollar for dollar tax credit on your Arizona income taxes.  These donations are also deductible on your federal tax return.* 

Three local Jewish agencies qualify to receive this working poor tax credit--Jewish Free Loan, Jewish Family & Children's Service and Kivel's Campus of Care.  Reach out today, it is a win-win opportunity

Click here to make your online donation and take your tax credit today or contact one or more of the following local Jewish organizations:

Greater Phoenix Jewish Free Loan Association - 602-230-7983

Jewish Family & Children's Service - 602-279-7655

Kivel Campus of Care - 602-443-8020

This credit is allowed in addition to credits for donations to schools.

* Consult your tax advisor for details on how the tax credit will impact your filing.

Private School Tuition Tax Credit

Send them to a Jewish Day School!
It's a no-brainer, it's found money and most importantly, it benefits children and families in the Greater Phoenix area.